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The areas of Coigach and Assynt lie in the north west highlands of Scotland north of Ullapool and stretch to beyond Loch Assynt.
Although the mountains are not especially high they rise individually and steeply above an expanse of flat moorland creating a unique and dramatic landscape with a prehistoric feel. Weather permitting, an ascent of any of the mountains will give superb views over the region.
The area borders the west coast with numerous sandy bays and rocky cliffs.
Coigach is predominantly Torridonian sandstone whereas Assynt contains a mix of Torridonian sandstone, Lewisian gneiss, quartzite, Moine schists and limestone. It is an area of considerable geological interest and includes caves and pot holes.
Beinn an Eoin-1Beinn an Eoin-2Assynt goldSgurr an FhidhleirSgurr an FhidhleirSgurr an FhidhleirStac Pollaidh-2Stac Pollaidh-4Stac Pollaidh-2Stac Pollaidh-5Stac Pollaidh-9Stac Pollaidh-8Stac Pollaidh RainbowSun set over Coigach and Assynt