Photography is very personal and I take photographs primarily for myself. If others like them that is very gratifying, but my reasons for taking an image are always because of what appeals to me at the time and not because I think it might satisfy a competition judge.

However, I have been fortunate to have had some success in photography competitions.

In 2014 I won first place in the Land category of the Scottish Nature Photography Awards for my image "Thrift on Beinn Eighe".

In 2015 my image Loch Avon Sunrise was highly commended in the Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year competition. It also won the Calumet Choice Award for the single image "that, in their opinion, sums up the Scottish landscape, seascape or urban places".

In 2015 three of my images were shortlisted in the Scottish Nature Photography Awards, one in the Landscape - Sea and Coast category, one in the Landscape - Land category, and one in the Wildlife - Behaviour category. My image, "Stac Pollaidh Sunset" came Second in the Landscape - Land category.

In 2016 my image "reflections of Liathach" won one of the John Muir Trust prizes in the Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year competition. The shot involved being eaten alive by midges and a long walk out in the dark - the joys of landscape photography.

I have also had various images short listed in Scottish Nature Photography Awards, Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year competition and also in the British Wildlife Photography Awards and the UK landscape photography competition, Take a View.