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Torridon is perhaps one of the most dramatic of all the Scottish mountain landscapes. It lies between Loch Torridon and Loch Maree. In 1951 the Beinn Eighe Reserve became the first National Nature Reserve in Britain.
The mountains comprise Torridonian sandstone, often capped in places by the lighter coloured quartzite.
Beinn Alligin-1Beinn DeargSunset on Beinn EigheTorridon SunriseTorridon SunriseTorridon SunriseBeinn EigheBeinn EigheBeinne Alligin-2Beinne Alligin-3Beinne Alligin-4Beinne Eighe-3Beinne Eighe 2Beinn Eighe PanoramaBeinne Eighe-1Coire Mhic FhearchairCoire Mhic FhearchairCoire-Mhic-Fhearchair_L7A9717Coire Mhic FhearchairGlen Grudie, Torridon